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Canon Filmmakers Live : Thanks For The Memories


I thought I would use this time to thank each and every one of you personally!
When Cristina approached Phil about potentially doing a workshop in Philadelphia it was really just our way of trying to get our favorite DP to the place we call home. We had no idea what to expect as it started to look more and more likely that somehow this just might become a reality. So without any hesitation Cristina decided to undertake what Event-DV called our "most ambitious project to date". So,now we were on our way. The first step once we had Philip on board and tentative dates was to find the right location. After a long search through nearly every venue in Philadelphia we finally had a meeting with Gretchen from World Cafe Live. As soon as we sat down with her we knew that this was where it had to happen come hell or high-water. It was perfect.

We already knew for certain we had to have our good friends and social media gurus John Hyland and Anthony Quintano. We met John Hyland at Re:Frame Austin. We want to take a second to sincerely thank everyone involved in that event. Without that there would never have been a Canon Filmmakers let alone a Canon Filmmakers Live. We later met Anthony Quintano at Re:Frame San Francisco and immediately became great friends. So that being said thank you Re:Frame Collective you really opened our eyes and the network of incredible friends we made is priceless.

We couldn't have an event in Philly and not bring out our own Dave Williams. Owner of
Cinema Cake, master of the Glidecam, and early adopter of DSLR's for live events. We were absolutely thrilled to have him on board because we knew you guys and gals would get a lot out of his expertise.

So,now with those guys on board this thing was starting to feel like it could happen.
Next, we began contacting all of our favorite companies regarding sponsorship. The response was amazing. Kessler Crane, one of our premium sponsors, was one of the first on board and has been such an integral part of this event even happening. So from the bottom of our hearts, we would like to personally thank Eric Kessler. We had the good fortune of meeting him personally in Key West,about a week prior to the event and, I have to say, he is one of the most genuine, honest, hardworking and nicest people we have ever met. His approach to business is less about business and more about putting his soul and personality into it. Not many people know this but if you buy something from Kessler Crane and there is welding involved Eric Kessler is doing it himself. I was shocked when I heard that. That is dedication. I admire him for that and think we should all approach our businesses with a similar mindset.

Thank you to our other premium sponsor Red Giant Software for there generosity and ongoing support for independent filmmakers worldwide. I don't know what I'd do without Magic Bullet,honestly. Every piece we make runs thru it in some shape form or fashion.

Thank you to all of our sponsors Jag35, Zacuto, Singular Software, Glidecam, NewBlueFX, Event-DV, F-Stop Academy,B&H Photo. Also a huge thank you Jordan Oplinger and Jimmy Shelton from Cinema Cake for covering the photography for us.

Most importantly though, thank all of you. In this day and age it's easy to get lazy or make the excuse "I'm just too busy!" I am guilty of it. By nature we spend a lot of our time behind computers,on the internet,working and watching movies. Then,we have to find time for our family,friends and personal obligations. So, for all of you,and some of you travelled very far, to find the time, motivation, and trust in us to come out on a Sunday in July in Philadelphia, we can't thank you enough. Keep pursuing education. We are only as strong as our weakest link. When you help someone else get better,you will inherently get better too. It was a whirlwind of a day but I'll always remember every second of it. Keep it up on twitter guys we've carved out our own little corner over there at #cflive and I can't tell you all how happy it makes me to see all of you staying in contact,sharing, and helping each other.

So on behalf of all of us, a million thanks. It was more then a workshop, it was an experience.

P.S. Stay tuned for some exciting things to come.


Our trip to Vimeo Headquarters with Philip Bloom

We recently went to the Big Apple and while there had the pleasure of visiting the headquarters of Vimeo, the awesomest web video hosting service on the planet. While there we were treated to an amazingly informative and hilarious tour by Andrea Allen. Here's an inside look followed by some time-lapses we shot at DUMBO during Philip Bloom's Brooklyn DSLR meet-up.


Going Wide with The Canon 7D

We just got the Tokina 11-16mm 2.8. It is an amazing lens especially if you own the Canon 7D. Here is the first thing I shot with it. No one was around and it was late so I decided to test it out on Bruiser,our Old English bulldog. I set it down on the floor and moved away so he wouldn't realize I was shooting. It's a little long but wait until the very end. I was waiting for him to do something and then I finally gave up and said nevermind. He clearly is the World's Smartest Bulldog.


Canon Filmmakers Live Twitter Wall


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Canon Filmmakers Live: Meet Dave Williams


Here is one part of a larger project Dave Williams was commissioned to do for .
It is a sneak peek into the caliber of education our lucky attendees will be receiving this Sunday at Canon Filmmakers Live. Can't wait to meet you all. There are 3 spots left so if your on the fence,hurry up before it's too late!


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